Film Director



Cashflow (Part of “Find a Film!” created at Locarno Spring Academy) 
Premiered at the 76th Locarno Film Festival Pardi di Domani Special Event

The cash must flow, they say. Switzerland's second largest bank went bankrupt at the beginning of 2023, resulting in a forced merger with Switzerland's largest bank. Amounts of billions are being guaranteed by the state. There are many numbers and many zeros. What is the price for all the cash that flows?


kharita خريطة (WT) (in development)

Ethnic cleansing through colonial violence denies indigenous people access to their own land. Digitally generated maps and pictures of the sites, quantify and steal information from indigenous land and their inhabitants – another theft. Through indigenous voices, their knowledge of their homeland and it’s history, they regain their stolen land – in a digital way at least... 

photographs © Jumana Issa, 2023